About Us

The ClickSnap brand started with one simple idea for a better way to attach your camera strap. My name is Gabriel Corbett I am a photographer and mechanical engineer and here is the story of how the ClickSnap brand began:

The idea for the strap buddy was conceived while traveling in Asia with my wife Tiffany. Both my wife and I were carrying a full size SLR camera with a zoom lens while traveling and photographing of the beautiful country of Thailand. We had adventurous travels plans that included zip lines, playing with tigers and monkeys, busy markets, buses, trains, tuk tuks, high speed canal boats and various other potentially hazardous areas for expensive camera equipment.

Problem: In our travels we both soon realized two problems that were very clear. The first is that the camera lens would stick out, swing and bang into everything. Just about everywhere we went we saw other photographers experiencing the same problems. The second problem we noticed that the camera would sit at an uncomfortable angle with the bottom edge of the body digging into my side. After hours of this, I was thinking there had to be a better way! One day while visiting a zoo in Thailand, I thought “what if there was a way to attached one side of my camera strap to the tripod hole?” This would orient the camera so the lens would face down and the flat bottom of the camera would lie against my body. This orientation is far superior for any camera with a longer lens and also works well with short lenses. Having the lens pointing down keeps it close to the body and much less likely to bang around causing harm your camera or lens. It is far more comfortable and much safer for the camera. This orientation also protects the lens from rain, dirt and dust. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most useful! After returning home I set to work on designing the CSB (Camera Strap Buddy). Being a mechanical engineer and running a manufacturing company definitely helped out the process and after several prototypes and some field testing the CSB was born!

The CSB was our first product and from there we evolved the line to include a variety of photography and video gear that focuses on three core values.

Carry + Connect + Protect

We now offer Laptop travel tables, GoPro Accessories, Painter’s Pole Adapters and many more quality American Made products perfect for a traveling photographer or videographer.

Happy Adventures!

Gabriel and Tiffany Corbett

Interested in becoming a dealer? e-mail - 411 @ ClickSnap.net